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March 23, 2021

Are Popup Lead Capture Forms Worth It?: A Statistical Analysis

popup appearing on a phone while the owner shops onlineEveryone wants more leads and higher conversion rates, and there are plenty of tactics to help. However, one method has garnered some controversy and created a divide among marketers: popup lead capture forms. While some marketers swear by them, others have sworn off them. This begs the question: who's right? Unfortunately, it's more complicated than the question suggests. The answer isn't black or white, yes or no. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle. Let's use a nuanced analysis to find out.

What Are Popup Lead Capture Forms?

A lead capture form is a tool for collecting visitors' information and converting them into leads. Instead of having a form built into the page, it pops up onto it. But why are they so divisive? People conflate the different types of popup lead capture forms, making them ineffective. The same is true for popup triggers. It doesn't help that the 90s made the term "popup" wildly unpopular. All popups are not created equal, and the distinctions are important.

Different Kinds of Popup Lead Capture Forms

Every popup has unique aspects that, when used correctly, provide value. Needlessly intrusive popups just negatively impact the user experience. With that in mind, let's briefly go over the types of popup lead capture forms.

  • Welcome Mats: These are attention-grabbing full-screen forms perfect for highly targeted, valuable, actionable, and/or relevant offers. But they can easily backfire if you overuse them. 
  • Overlay Modals: These less intrusive, centered popups cover smaller portions of your content. There’s a lower risk for backfire, but the offer should still be relevant and persuasive.
  • Sticky Bars: There are top-of-page banners that stick in place as visitors scroll. The more subtle formatting makes them perfect for common offers and announcements.
  • Slide-In Boxes: These discrete popups slide in from the side or bottom of a page. They’re unlikely to negatively impact user experience.
  • Gamified Coupons: These overlay modals or slide-in boxes offer visitors a chance to win discounts in exchange for an email address.

What Is a Popup Trigger?

With the differences between the kinds of popup lead capture forms all cleared up, it's important to understand the various ways they can be triggered. A popup trigger is an action or circumstance that causes the popup to appear. Timing is an important factor in their success. Having the right offer in the right format means nothing if it's presented at the wrong time.

Here are some different triggers:

  • Page Entrance Trigger: This causes popups to appear upon arrival. Immediate forms need strong relevance and context to be effective, especially when using more intrusive formats. Use them sparingly!  
  • Page Scroll Trigger: This displays a popup at a specific scroll point. It’s especially effective for CTAs.
  • Element Interaction Trigger: This trigger shows a popup in response to clicking. It’s perfect for CTA buttons. It also has a high conversion rate because the trigger responds to user action. 
  • Time on Page Trigger: The trigger activates after a set amount of time. It’s good for visitors in the purchase phase.
  • Exit Intent Trigger: This is initiated when the user is about to click away. It’s ideal for discount codes and coupons as a final nudge towards purchase.
  • Inactivity Trigger: The trigger appears after a set amount of time without action. Great for consultation offers to learn more before the visitor makes a decision during the purchase phase.

Do Popup Lead Capture Forms Actually Work?

Putting aside the similarly named old-school third-party ads the term invokes thoughts of, popup lead capture forms absolutely work. The reasons those contemptuous 90s popups were universally despised were hardly confined to their name. They were annoying ads created by outside companies for products nobody was interested in.

They multiplied like bunnies and were frequently irrelevant yet impossible to close. Even worse, they were often complete scams. However, popup lead capture forms aren't ads, are from the site's owner, and do offer real value. Like any other tool, they can be good or bad depending on how you use them.

While they have an average conversion rate of 3.09%, the best popups, ranking in the ninetieth percentile and above, average 9.3%, with the highest surpassing 50%! When carefully crafted and used correctly, some popup lead capture forms converted 1,375% better than ordinary ones! Basically, it's not simply about the tool; it's about how you use them. Using them correctly requires an understanding of not just how but why they work.

How to Create Popup Lead Capture Forms People Don't Hate

man browsing his phone on an escalatorThe key is understanding your audience. If you can put yourself in their shoes and see each popup from their perspective, then you'll be able to craft lead capture forms that resonate with them. Let's go over some popup lead capture form best practices.

Provide the Right Incentives

If you want them to cough up their email address, exposing their precious inbox to possible abuse, they need an incentive that makes sense to them. Don't make the offer vague. If they aren't sure what they're getting, they probably won't want it. Also, remember that they're constantly bombarded with generic advice and seemingly useful platitudes. If you really want to stand out, give them clear answers they can act on.

Think About the Context

No matter how valuable, it needs to be relevant. Before allowing any popup on your site, ask yourself: What value does this offer? Who needs this content most? What page attracts them? If the popup appeared the moment the visitor needed this information the most, what page are they most likely to be on?

Think of popups as a conversation. If there's no connection to the current topic, it shouldn't come up. You wouldn't offer someone at a vegan restaurant a cheeseburger, so why would you offer someone reading about debt consolidation an e-book about using original artwork to lower taxes?

Timing Is Everything

Likewise, the timing should make sense. A CTA popup shouldn't be triggered at the top of the page, and a subscription popup shouldn't offer "more great content" before they've finished reading the first line. Think through all the possibilities for this popup to appear and make sure the context is logical.

Track Your Results

The key to conversion is understanding. But the key to understanding is tracking. It's all about understanding your audience and then creating the right conditions to convert them. Once you have popup lead capture forms that use the best practices proven to get results, you still need to monitor the results. If something isn't working, that's the only way to know what it is. When something is working, understanding it allows you to apply it elsewhere.

How HubSpot Can Help

HubSpot has some amazing tools that work really well for this. Their Popup Form Builder allows you to create custom forms that engage visitors rather than annoy them. Get access to mobile and user-friendly popup lead capture forms in seconds, completely free. When a visitor fills out the form, their information is gathered in accordance with your data collection standards to be transferred to HubSpot's Free CRM automatically.

As soon as your forms are up and running, HubSpot's Marketing Analytics will begin tracking their performance. You'll know right away whether your forms are effective. You can even set up email notifications to ensure every new lead gets a warm welcome. From there, HubSpot's Free Email Marketing Tools can then take over the job of ensuring that each subscriber's individual needs are met.

Automatic email customization options use the CRM information available on your subscribers to ensure that every email has the subject, images, links, content, attachments, and CTA most likely to engage and delight them. This, in turn, improves your open and click-through rates. They'll even automatically receive the email at the most ideal time. With HubSpot's tools at your disposal, you can become a lead capture and conversion wizard!

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