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September 26, 2019

What Is White-Glove Delivery?

White gloves have long been a symbol of excellence and precision. While you may have never owned a pair, you recognize that they represent quality. In business, white-glove delivery means offering the client a higher level of service, one that goes beyond just getting the merchandise to your home. You may believe that white-glove delivery is a luxury, but in many instances, it's necessary to make certain your new items arrive unharmed and are working properly. This service also means your home will be respected and left in excellent condition once the job is done. When you need excellent service, search for a business that offers the white glove treatment.

What’s with the White Glove?

When you make a purchase, delivery service often means that an item is dropped off at your doorstep. Even expensive appliances and electronics may be left exposed to the elements and theft. If you successfully get the item into your home, set up can often be complicated and frustrating, requiring multiple customer service calls. The difference between buying something and being able to use it can be a big one. 

White glove merchants do much more than get a purchase to your home. They handle all your items with the utmost care, offer package tracking, on-time delivery, in-home setup and packaging disposal. These skilled professionals also answer any questions that you have during delivery and offer unmatched follow-up service. These businesses make certain to address any concerns that you may have so that you are completely satisfied with their service. In short, you are paying for ease and peace of mind. 

What Should be Delivered with a White Glove Service

Any expensive, fragile or complex item, such as furniture, electronics and appliances should be delivered with white-glove service. Doing so ensures that the item is carefully packed, transported, delivered and set up. Simply slapping the words "handle with care" on a box doesn't do much to protect the contents. White-glove service means the item is both carefully packed, transported and moved. This extra care means that your item arrives in perfect condition and is placed where you want it. Plus, the deliverers don't leave until you know how to use and care for your purchase.


A new computer system is expensive and also somewhat delicate. It cannot withstand severe temperatures, rough travel or poor packaging. With white glove delivery, your computer will be treated gently en route and during installation. The company representatives will set up the computer and make sure you know how to operate it. They will also provide excellent customer service after you receive your model. Instead of spending hours figuring out your new computing equipment, you'll be able to get to work on it almost immediately.


If you are planning for a long-distance move across the United States or even to a different country, a white glove service means that your beloved and costly items arrive in one piece and are placed as you wish. Without this service, your antique breakfront could easily be damaged as it is transported or as you attempt to tug it into place yourself. These items need special protection as they travel. And when they reach their destination, you will benefit from experienced, local help. 


Today's appliances are expensive and sophisticated as well as being large and heavy. White-glove delivery protects the finish and the complex workings of these "smart" refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc. as they are transported. They will be installed correctly, and you will benefit from a sterling return policy if you experience any difficulties with your new items. This type of superior service protects the consumer from unwelcome surprises and damaged property.

White-Glove Delivery Versus Traditional Shipping

Traditional shipping doesn't offer the protection and guarantees of white-glove service. A traditional delivery service may mark items fragile and take some steps to keep items safe in transit, but they don't take the extraordinary precautions that a white-glove service will. Also, the tracking available may be spotty and delivery times an estimate only. You can easily spend hours waiting for your packages to arrive. 

Even services that offer delivery and set up rarely include instruction on how to work appliances and other goods. Also, traditional delivery service usually ends as soon as the service people leave your home. The follow-up is limited as are the guarantees. You may struggle to get the long-term assistance that you need. 

White glove service doesn't balk at special circumstances, either. If you live on the third floor, in a boat or in a tiny home, this service will find a way to meet your needs. You can expect all reasonable and sometimes exceptional requests will be met. The company's focus is on your satisfaction. 

How White-Glove Delivery is Priced

Will you pay more for white glove delivery? Yes, you will. But your short-term investment may cost you less in the long run. You will get the item you want, installed where you want it and receive the instruction you need to use it properly. The service works to create a long-term relationship with you, so they take care to meet your needs, especially with follow-up services.

You don't risk receiving a dented washing machine or a non-working computer. Your items are not shipped to the wrong address, and you receive what you ordered. If there is a problem, it will be taken care of on the spot or as soon as possible by a team of trained professionals.  

Prices for this service, of course, do vary. A long-range move can cost thousands more with white-glove service, but it removes worry, protects your irreplaceable items and eases your entire transition. You may pay a hundred dollars or more to have white-glove service on your appliances and computer. But you also prevent lost time and poor service. Imagine losing a week of work due to issues with your new computer. Of course, you should comparison shop for these services before buying since prices do vary widely.

Tips to Plan for a White-Glove Delivery

White-glove service greatly reduces your responsibilities, but you can make the experience even better by preparing properly for your delivery. The service people will do most of the work, but things will go more smoothly if you have a legal adult present, the floor is clean and the pathway is clear. Also, to be safe, provide floor coverings to protect your carpet, tile or hardwood floors. The rest should be taken care of by the service team.

If you are purchasing an important item or need a special service such as long-distance moving, you should consider investing in white-glove delivery. In many instances, it is the best way to protect your interests and ensure your peace of mind. For many consumers, these lasting benefits more than make up for the increased cost.

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